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Hotels in Cebu

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Hotels abound in Cebu as it is a favoured venue for conferences and package tours. Some are located near the city's core while resort-themed complexes have their own stretch of beach views and are connected by shuttle vans to the international airport.

Cebu Island Hotels and Resorts

Nestled on a hill, the Waterfront Cebu hotel is an upscale complex and one of the most imposing edifices in the area. On Mactan Island you'll find the five-star Hilton Cebu and Plantation Bay resorts.

You'll also find budget accommodations with other resorts and pension houses, tourist inns and apartelles. Good and safe places are to be found in Cebu's uptown.

Cebu is one of the jewels of the Philippines, a long splinter of a tropical island, blessed with a dozens of beaches and beautiful blue sea. Cebu City is the capital and has the distinction of being the oldest city in the Philippines. It is a bustling, cosmopolitan town with plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and resorts for it's many visiting guests. However, city life is not all that this lovely province has to offer, with more than 160 islands, many of them totally untouched by humans, lying in the warm waters encircling Cebu herself. Mactan Island, Bantayan, the Olango and Camotes Islands and Malapascua are all popular tourist destinations and have a wide variety of accommodation for travelers and holidaymaker alike.

Cebu City

Cebu has the major accolade of having been pronounced the Indian Ocean-Asia regions seventh best island destination by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Magazine in 2007 and as you would expect from such an award, it has a well established tourist industry. Cebu City is a popular choice for international conferences combining, as it does, beaches and seaside resort facilities with good infrastructure and an airport just a short drive away on Mactan Island.

At the luxury hotel end of the accommodation scale, Cebu has a number of 5 star resorts and hotels and a number of major hotel chains have a presence, including Marriott, Parklane and Marco Polo. If you want pampering, there are spa facilities and if you like a flutter, there's a casino. If you're budget runs more to the mid range hotel, there are loads of accommodation options to choose from and if you're looking for a cheap hotel, there are many guesthouses and hostels which will make your stay a pleasant one.

Cebu City has a lively night scene with some great bars and nightclubs. There's also a great range of restaurants to sample.

Mactan Island

Also known as Cebu Resort, this is a dedicated holiday and tourism area. Located just a quick drive over 1 of 2 bridges from Cebu City itself, Mactan Island has a true island holiday feel about it, with great accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets. The beaches are lovely with fine, powdery sand and clear, warm waters full of flitting fish. Mactan is known locally for its sunset cruise and it makes a romantic excursion if you're on honeymoon, or just holidaying with a special someone. If you're looking for indulgence, the Shangri-la has a fine resort complex complete with a luxurious spa, and there's also a swish Hilton and the Plantation Bay Resort. There are also budget hotels and villas, bungalows and apartelles, if those are more your style.

Malapascua Island

Whilst only tiny, Malapascua Island should not be overlooked, especially if you're interested in diving. This miniature Philippine paradise first became famous for Bounty Beach, a gorgeous white sand beach, running along the edge of part of its coastline. Recent travelers have come mainly for the fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving to be had over its thriving coral gardens. There are some world-class dive sites, including Monad Shoal, which is home to graceful manta rays and sinister thresher sharks. Accommodation varies, but the majority fall into the simple, rustic beach bungalow loved by backpackers and travelers the world over. Bounty Beach is the hub of the tourist industry, but even here, it tends to be cheap hotels and budget accommodation territory, with even the "resorts" having the laidback charm of sleepy beach bum hang outs. Malapascua Island is a beautiful slice of the simple life and a nice alternative to the buzz and life of Cebu City.

Camotes Islands

This is a complete move away from the city life of main Cebu Island. Here, life is slow and easy and in such a beautiful spot - well-known for it's incredible beauty, fabulous beaches and sea and wonderfully friendly people - destressing is a piece of cake. Accommodation is cheap though of good quality with clean, but basic 'resorts', budget hotels and bungalows the norm. One place that is worth checking out is the Mangodlong Rock Resort, where you can get your holiday adrenalin rush cliff diving. Another great excursion is a trip to Lake Dano, where you can try fishing and boating before enjoying a picnic lunch.

Olango Islands

Like Malapscua, Olango Island and its neighbours are known for their dive spots. Mabini Point is often visited by hammerhead and sometimes whale sharks, whilst Baring is a true deep wall dive and a good place to get as close as you dare to tuna, barracuda and grey reef sharks. If you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday, you'd probably be better going to other destination in the Philippines, as Olango Island has limited sandy beaches, its coast being made up largely of rocks and cliffs, as befits a raised coral island, which is what Olango and it's islets actually are. Again, accommodation is mostly suited to the backpacker, diving fanatic end of the market, with resorts and hotels, cheap and basic.


If beaches are your thing, then maybe you should book yourself into one of the many charming resorts on Bantayan Island. Here, white, sandy beaches are shaded by spiky palms and the sea is clear and welcoming. Fishing, snorkeling and sailing can all be organized from your hotel, or you can just wonder down to the water and splash about to your heart's content. Accommodation is tropical island perfect, with cottages and huts hugging the beach and cheaper rustic rooms offering budget-friendly, simple lodging.


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